Tera max character slots

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tera max character slots

I would like to how I can get more than 2 character slot per server in Tera without spending real bucks. It's kinda annoying since 2 character is. $5 per extra character slot is reasonable. i havent had to wait longer than something like 7 or 8 mins max so far - sure im premium but I've played SW, TERA and this game as far as MMOs go so you'd have to ask someone. cant seem to find it, what's the max characters allowed for founders? i know normal accounts is 8, is founders still 12?.


Tera Online: Expandir todos slots do inventário PT-BR

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The additional character slot and mount will then be sent to your item claim automatically. Biggest rule of the internet, Don't trust the people on the internet. Knocking down the enemy Kuma once or twice did almost mean a winning point. However, tradable ones are only available for purchase to players with TERA Club i. When the gunner is released will we be allowed to make a third character per server? tera max character slots

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Gmx de login 24 I haven't been on lately so it may have raised as gold continues to get more abundant. So it is the norm these days and it's not per server not anymore. What will be the number of character limit per server with the introduction of gunner? Log yourself into TERA! Use of positive agency theory site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Categories Recent Discussions Activity Unanswered Best Of Or just buy them ingame, because it's super-easy to get money in TERA What item gives me more character slots?


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